Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Face Fist

Photoshop concept using images I shot, (special thanks to my brother for letting me use his head).

Original sketch, took me forever to get the fist right. 
These are a couple of conceptual studies for a personal project I'm working on in C4D.  I'm curious how far I can push my modeling skills in C4D, and see what the software's sculpting capability's are.  For the project itself, it was originally inspired by the Messerschmidt exhibit at the Getty.  An exhibit I highly recommend to all character artists & animators.  I want finish the project as a VFX shot using Cinema as my 3D software and Nuke as my compositing software.  More to come on this project soon.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pirates Map Doodles

Sea Monster


Monster Fish

These Doodles are for a pitch my old company did for the Aardman project Pirates Band of Misfits.  They were used for a treasure map designed by my A.D. Carey Conley.  I really enjoyed this project the characters were awesome, and I think everyone was really excited to work on an Aardman project, even if it was just a pitch.  Enjoy! 

Old Man Character Design

Original Sketch book explorations. 

Full model post Mudbox and pre rigging.

Some nice close ups on the face.

This is a design I did for a short film I was working on that never got off the ground.  The model is of an old man who's features became vulture like as he grew older.  I really wanted to make this apparent in profile so that it would create a nice original silhouette.  these three images represent the first sketches I did through the Maya, Mudbox modeling faze, sadly I never got to see him move, but I still like the stills. 

P.S. the eyebrows were still a work in progress when I stopped working on this guy, Enjoy! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

TMNT Pitch Promo BG design

This is a background illustration I did for a TMNT Promo on Nickelodeon.  Frame one is the inked illustration, and frame two is the painted and finished frame.  I did all the work in photoshop, I don't think I created any custom brushes on this one.  I will have the finished composite on my 2013 Reel on AdamVanVleet.com the composite of my illustration and the TMNT assets from Nick was done by the incomparable Josh Mabie.  Enjoy! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Test Story Reel For Portfolio